Zero Waste App Support


Want to let us know about changes at a specific location?

Here are some examples of topics that you could report per location:

  • A location isn’t as Zero Waste Friendly as described in the App,
  • A location has additional Zero Waste Friendly features that are not mentioned in the App yet,
  • The business doesn’t exist anymore,
  • Data shown in the App is incorrect (opening hours, address, website url),
  • or really anything you want to let us know about a specific location.

To find out how to report a change like that to us, check out this short video:

… or about a more general topic ?

You can also send us information that is not related to an existing location. Examples are:

  • An new Zero Waste Friendly business has opened -> go to this form
  • There is a change needed in the general information about a city:
    • new, composting or recycling option,
    • a new Zero Waste Group or Activity
    • a change in the description of the drinking water is needed
  • Something doesn’t work as it should

Here is a quick video about how to report general topics via the feedback form in the app:


Want to report a bug?

So, you found a bug… eeewh!

No, but don’t worry it’s just a software bug. A software bug is a behavior of the software that is different from what is expected. For example:

  • You click a marker of a location but the location detail screen doesn’t open
  • The screen opens but shows weird stuff or is blank
  • An error message is shown
  • The city unlock process doesn’t work
  • You unlocked location information successfully but the location data isn’t downloading

These are just examples.

Please try to use the feedback forms that are described further up on this page. If the bug doesn’t allow you to use the feedback forms, you can also report the bug here -> Bug report form

Have a question or suggestion?

None of the above described ways seem to be what you’re looking for? That’s ok. You can send us any question or suggestion using this form > contact form.

If even that is not the right option for you, you can email us via info[at] But really try the other options first because it will help us keep things organized.