Zero Waste App is in the making

Zero Waste App is in the making

First blog post on a sparkling new blog! How exciting! And ‘Zero Waste App’… ? That sounds even more exciting!

But first things first, right?


We are Bastian and Inge. Both from Germany but we’ve lived in the States for quite some time and right now we’re long term travelers. Currently enjoying the beautiful city of Antigua in Guatemala.

That’s how we look like:


Kind of fuzzy, I know.

Why are we writing this blog?

We’re working on creating the Zero Waste App. And we want to share the progress with you.

Nowadays we spend many hours at the Rainbow Cafe programming, contacting people, adding data, contacting more people and drinking a whole lot of coffee.

Now, what is Zero Waste App?

Zero Waste App is an iphone app that will help Zero Wasters around the world to locate places that make Zero Waste Lifestyle easier. That’s not only bulk shops but also supermarkets that have a small bulk section, packaging free stores, Zero Waste Friendly cafés and restaurants, small neighborhood shops where you can get your products in your own container, recycling locations, composting locations, Zero Waste Friendly activities…

You can find an overview about the categories and first screenshots on this page:

Where is all that information about Zero Waste Friendly locations coming from?

Zero Waste Bloggers around the world have investigated their hometowns and found many good resources. They are sharing their finds with you through the app. You’ll be able to find each blogger who participated in this project in the respective city.

What’s the status right now?

We’re testing the current version of the app on our phones. Data from 12 cities has been entered, pictures are in the making.
The first city that will be available when we release the App will be Antigua. What a surprise, right?

We’re planning to do a small first release and so only Newsletter subscribers will find out when the App is available right away. If you’re interested in being one of the first people to see the new Zero Waste App, leave your email address here!

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