Find cities easier with the new Zero Waste App version!

Find cities easier with the new Zero Waste App version!

Ok, new version is out, I’m excited, and so here is a brief overview about the changes. The Version number is 1.0.32 just in case you were wondering.

We’ve updated some things for a better performance in the background. Ok, good to know but there is nothing to see.

So, let’s move onto the things we can see:

The city markers have changed:

We hope to make it clearer and easier to find with the new colors and style.

  • There are no more red markers, we found them to be too scary.
  • The turquoise markers point to cities that you can unlock.
  • The bigger markers with city symbol and turquoise border point to the unlocked cities.
  • Grey markers point to cities that are coming soon.
  • Green markers point to cities, that can be unlocked for free.

‘Buy now’ button has changed

The big scary ‘Buy now’ button has changed into a friendly turquoise ‘Unlock now’ button. What you’re doing when you’re clicking that button and paying $0.99 is that you’re unlocking a Zero Waste Location Finder in that city that will keep growing over time. More and more locations are added and your map will update automatically. So you’ll find out about new Zero Waste shopping options right on your map.

Additionally you’re supporting this project and helping us to make it bigger and better. More features are coming, more cities are coming, more languages are coming. So by unlocking a city, you’re paying a small amount but making a big difference for all Zero Wasters on the hunt for good Zero Waste Friendly locations.


And here is the cool new feature: The new City List

In the map view on the upper right corner you can see the word ‘List’. Tap that and you’ll get the list of cities that are currently available in the app. That gives an easier overview about what’s already there. And also about what’s coming. A grey city symbol will be in front of the city name for each ‘coming soon’ city.

You can tap the city name and will get the city details next. Or you tap the ‘Map’ in the upper left corner to get back to the map view.

Right now it’s alphabetically sorted. In the future it will be organized into countries, maybe continents too. Also we want to add a list like that for each city with all locations. Step after step, version after version…

Check it out!

Ok, now go update your app and have a look. What do you think? We’re happy about your feedback! Either comment here or find multiple ways on how to send us feedback.

Welcome to the very first version of Zero Waste App

Welcome to the very first version of Zero Waste App

Druuummm roll please!! It’s here! The very first version of Zero Waste App!

Find it in the app store, install it, open it and check it out:

Keep in mind, this is a baby. It was just born. It’s completely new. But soon it’s going to evolve into your new friend who knows all the great Zero Waste Friendly places in different cities in the world. And that friend learns about more and more places all the time.

So, say Hi to the newborn Zero Waste App!

What’s in it?

What you see when you open the app depends on where in the world you are. I’m in the Netherlands, so I see Europe, Africa, some of Western Asia. It looks like this for me:

Screenshot Zero Waste App Europe

If you’re somewhere on the American Continent, it might look like this for you:

Screenshot of Zero Waste App Americas First Version

and if you’re in Asia, you might see this:

Screenshot of Zero Waste App Asia First Version

Let’s check out Europe first, because there are all those red markers on the map. They point to those 12 cities that are currently available in the app:

  • Netherlands
    • Amersfoort
    • Arnhem
    • Deventer
  • Germany
    • Berlin
    • Hamburg
    • Munich
  • England
    • London
  • Portugal
    • Lisbon
    • Porto
  • France
    • Lyon
    • Paris
  • Spain
    • San Sebastian

You can tap on the markers and will see a little pop-up saying ‘Click here to show details.’ Tap on the pop-up and you’ll see the city preview, just like this:

You’ll see a short description about how zero waste friendly the city is and a list showing how many locations per category are included. Scroll down and you’ll see the full list:

Screenshot Paris

And I’m sure you saw the big red button saying ‘Buy it now for $ 0.99’. This is how you can get all the location information that is mentioned in the list above. And that’s not all actually. When ever there is a new location becoming available for a city you already bought, it will be downloaded on your phone automatically and it won’t cost a penny. All locations coming in the future are free.

If you’d like to find out when new cities become available, make sure to sign up for our newsletter here: English Newsletter or German Newsletter.

Travel to Guatemala for a moment!

Now let’s move over to the American Continent and check out the details for a city. Can you find Antigua? It’s in Guatemala, Central America. It has this green marker pointing to it. Tap on that! This one says ‘It’s free!’.

Now if you tap on that you can see details about what locations this city contains. You should actually try it and so I’m not posting a screenshot of it here.

Antigua currently includes the following:

  • 4 Bulk stores
  • 3 Cafes and Restaurants
  • 2 Farmers’ markets
  • 1 Activity

Tap on the green button that says ‘GET IT NOW FOR FREE!’. You will have to enter your apple id password again but it won’t cost a penny. It will download the locations and you can then zoom in and tap on each one of the location markers. Tap on the little pop-up to go to the location screen.

I won’t tell you more at this point, I think you should try it out for yourself!

Play around with it and if you have feedback or questions, we would be happy to hear from you. The support page gives you details around How to send us your feedback or questions.

You can also comment right here on the page.

Zero Waste App sneak peek – Check it out!

Zero Waste App sneak peek – Check it out!

While the development of the Zero Waste App is still ongoing, we can already give you a sneak peek.

Here we go:

The Zero Waste App will help you find Zero Waste Friendly locations in a city. That can be a city you’re visiting, since it’s extremely hard to stay Zero Waste when you’re in a new town and just have limited time to search around for everything you need. But it can also be in your home town. You pick the according city you need and unlock the information.

You’ll get all the locations for the city that are currently available plus all locations that will be added in the future. 

You’ll see a map with lots of markers of available cities when you open the app.
Here is an example:

A red marker points to an available city that is not unlocked yet. The turquoise marker points to a city that is already unlocked.

Each of the available cities contains location information that is useful for Zero Wasters!

  • You’ll have bulk shops, yes!
  • And supermarkets which have a bulk aisle, aha!
  • And small stores that allow you to bring your own container, for take-out food, for tortillas, for meat, milk, honey…
  • Also Zero Waste Friendly cafés and restaurants (vegan, vegetarian & omnivore)…
  • And rental places and repair workshops….
  • And 2nd hand stores and making and mending places….
  • Local Zero Waste groups (online and offline) because together it’s more fun anyways
  • Plus composting options!

Here is an overview of the location categories in Zero Waste App. Rental and On-Tap will be added soon.

I’m currently working on adding the data for Antigua, a beautiful old town in Guatemala. It’s a place many backpackers visit while traveling through Central America. And due to the huge number of good Spanish Schools in the city, many volunteers start their Central America journey here as well. To get the language right before starting their work in one of the many projects throughout the region.

And this is how a map with locations looks like:

Keep in mind, I’m still adding data, so more markers will be on the map.

The utensils symbol on the lower end of the screen marks Caoba Farms. Here is what you see when you tap that marker:

Zero Waste App Location Sneak Peak: Caoba Farms

If you scroll down a little, the text will also tell you how to order your drinks by saying ‘Sin pajilla!’ which means ‘No straw!’.

The description for each of the available locations was written by a fellow Zero Waster. I’ll write details about the Authors that participated in this project in another blog post.

That’s the sneak peek into Zero Waste App for today. I have to go. More soon!

Find out when Zero Waste App goes live!
Simply leave your eMail address here:

Please let me know your questions in the comment section below!! I’d love to hear them.

Zero Waste App is in the making

Zero Waste App is in the making

First blog post on a sparkling new blog! How exciting! And ‘Zero Waste App’… ? That sounds even more exciting!

But first things first, right?


We are Bastian and Inge. Both from Germany but we’ve lived in the States for quite some time and right now we’re long term travelers. Currently enjoying the beautiful city of Antigua in Guatemala.

That’s how we look like:


Kind of fuzzy, I know.

Why are we writing this blog?

We’re working on creating the Zero Waste App. And we want to share the progress with you.

Nowadays we spend many hours at the Rainbow Cafe programming, contacting people, adding data, contacting more people and drinking a whole lot of coffee.

Now, what is Zero Waste App?

Zero Waste App is an iphone app that will help Zero Wasters around the world to locate places that make Zero Waste Lifestyle easier. That’s not only bulk shops but also supermarkets that have a small bulk section, packaging free stores, Zero Waste Friendly cafés and restaurants, small neighborhood shops where you can get your products in your own container, recycling locations, composting locations, Zero Waste Friendly activities…

You can find an overview about the categories and first screenshots on this page:

Where is all that information about Zero Waste Friendly locations coming from?

Zero Waste Bloggers around the world have investigated their hometowns and found many good resources. They are sharing their finds with you through the app. You’ll be able to find each blogger who participated in this project in the respective city.

What’s the status right now?

We’re testing the current version of the app on our phones. Data from 12 cities has been entered, pictures are in the making.
The first city that will be available when we release the App will be Antigua. What a surprise, right?

We’re planning to do a small first release and so only Newsletter subscribers will find out when the App is available right away. If you’re interested in being one of the first people to see the new Zero Waste App, leave your email address here!

Be one of the First!