Find cities easier with the new Zero Waste App version!

Find cities easier with the new Zero Waste App version!

Ok, new version is out, I’m excited, and so here is a brief overview about the changes. The Version number is 1.0.32 just in case you were wondering.

We’ve updated some things for a better performance in the background. Ok, good to know but there is nothing to see.

So, let’s move onto the things we can see:

The city markers have changed:

We hope to make it clearer and easier to find with the new colors and style.

  • There are no more red markers, we found them to be too scary.
  • The turquoise markers point to cities that you can unlock.
  • The bigger markers with city symbol and turquoise border point to the unlocked cities.
  • Grey markers point to cities that are coming soon.
  • Green markers point to cities, that can be unlocked for free.

‘Buy now’ button has changed

The big scary ‘Buy now’ button has changed into a friendly turquoise ‘Unlock now’ button. What you’re doing when you’re clicking that button and paying $0.99 is that you’re unlocking a Zero Waste Location Finder in that city that will keep growing over time. More and more locations are added and your map will update automatically. So you’ll find out about new Zero Waste shopping options right on your map.

Additionally you’re supporting this project and helping us to make it bigger and better. More features are coming, more cities are coming, more languages are coming. So by unlocking a city, you’re paying a small amount but making a big difference for all Zero Wasters on the hunt for good Zero Waste Friendly locations.


And here is the cool new feature: The new City List

In the map view on the upper right corner you can see the word ‘List’. Tap that and you’ll get the list of cities that are currently available in the app. That gives an easier overview about what’s already there. And also about what’s coming. A grey city symbol will be in front of the city name for each ‘coming soon’ city.

You can tap the city name and will get the city details next. Or you tap the ‘Map’ in the upper left corner to get back to the map view.

Right now it’s alphabetically sorted. In the future it will be organized into countries, maybe continents too. Also we want to add a list like that for each city with all locations. Step after step, version after version…

Check it out!

Ok, now go update your app and have a look. What do you think? We’re happy about your feedback! Either comment here or find multiple ways on how to send us feedback.