Zero Waste App sneak peek – Check it out!

Zero Waste App sneak peek – Check it out!

While the development of the Zero Waste App is still ongoing, we can already give you a sneak peek.

Here we go:

The Zero Waste App will help you find Zero Waste Friendly locations in a city. That can be a city you’re visiting, since it’s extremely hard to stay Zero Waste when you’re in a new town and just have limited time to search around for everything you need. But it can also be in your home town. You pick the according city you need and unlock the information.

You’ll get all the locations for the city that are currently available plus all locations that will be added in the future. 

You’ll see a map with lots of markers of available cities when you open the app.
Here is an example:

A red marker points to an available city that is not unlocked yet. The turquoise marker points to a city that is already unlocked.

Each of the available cities contains location information that is useful for Zero Wasters!

  • You’ll have bulk shops, yes!
  • And supermarkets which have a bulk aisle, aha!
  • And small stores that allow you to bring your own container, for take-out food, for tortillas, for meat, milk, honey…
  • Also Zero Waste Friendly cafés and restaurants (vegan, vegetarian & omnivore)…
  • And rental places and repair workshops….
  • And 2nd hand stores and making and mending places….
  • Local Zero Waste groups (online and offline) because together it’s more fun anyways
  • Plus composting options!

Here is an overview of the location categories in Zero Waste App. Rental and On-Tap will be added soon.

I’m currently working on adding the data for Antigua, a beautiful old town in Guatemala. It’s a place many backpackers visit while traveling through Central America. And due to the huge number of good Spanish Schools in the city, many volunteers start their Central America journey here as well. To get the language right before starting their work in one of the many projects throughout the region.

And this is how a map with locations looks like:

Keep in mind, I’m still adding data, so more markers will be on the map.

The utensils symbol on the lower end of the screen marks Caoba Farms. Here is what you see when you tap that marker:

Zero Waste App Location Sneak Peak: Caoba Farms

If you scroll down a little, the text will also tell you how to order your drinks by saying ‘Sin pajilla!’ which means ‘No straw!’.

The description for each of the available locations was written by a fellow Zero Waster. I’ll write details about the Authors that participated in this project in another blog post.

That’s the sneak peek into Zero Waste App for today. I have to go. More soon!

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