Add your city to Zero Waste App

Add your city to Zero Waste App

Especially for visitors with limited time it’s not so easy to find the one supermarket with bulk aisle, the butcher who accepts customer owned packaging and the tiny shop that sells zero waste products.

But the more people can buy packaging free, plastic free, the better for the environment and for everyone of us.

You can help residents and visitors of your city finding the hidden Zero Waste Gems.

If your city is already available in Zero Waste App (List of available cities) you can add new Zero Waste Friendly locations using this handy form: Add a place!

But there are many, many cities not yet available in the app yet and we are constantly working on adding more.

Add your city! Please contact us using this form:

Add your city

About the email addresses: We’ll be sending you an invite for a google spreadsheet. Many people have a google email they don’t use as the main email address. Therefore the form contains fields for both. The main email will be used for communications, the google address for the invite for the spreadsheet.

What do you get?

By helping us gathering the information for your city you’ll:

  • help visitors and residents navigate your city in a Zero Waste Friendly manner. That’s less waste created in your city!
  • be added to our contributors page including your website link.
  • be on the author page in the city details including your website link.
  • get access to contributors only information.

Together we can make Zero Waste easier for our homies and out-of-towners.

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